Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flea Sized Discernment

I really don't like being negative, but really the things that the modern church is willing to put up with is totally amazing. Todd Bentley's video on You Tube is another shocking testament to the discernment within the modern church.

For two minutes and thirtyseven seconds we get to hear how Bently (supposedly led by the spirit) kicked and old woman in the face, punched a man so hard he fell and his tooth popped out, how he tackled and choked a man, how he beat a woman's leggs and did a leg drop on a Pastor. During his two minute rant and bragging session, the church audience sits and laughs at the pain he inflicted on others.

People in Florida, and around the nation are flocking to his "so called revival" to be touched by God. They had better be careful, it sounds to me like they are heading for a beat down!

In all sincerity, when will the church stop accepting these false teachers and preachers? Where is the discernment? Did you ever read in the bible where Jesus, Moses, Paul, Elijah, or Paul did a leg drop on someone to heal them? Have you read anywhere in your bible where God instructs us to kick someone in the face to start the move of God? It is not there, because it is not from God. Bently is hearing a spirit, but it is not the Holy Spirit. Todd Bently is a false teacher who needs to repent, and the church who has blindly embraced him needs to wake up, and repent for accepting these false teachers into their pulpits.

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