Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The American Church – Descent into Darkness Pt.1

ICABOD is written upon our doorposts. We have embraced other gods, we have turned our backs upon the Lord God, the only God, maker of heaven and earth. We have embraced a social gospel, which lauds mans good works and excludes the Savior that bought them. ICABOD is written upon our house.

The Emerging Church is emerging, but it is emerging as a putrid mass of sin and deception. It’s poison has penetrated once solid denominations and has poisoned many to their core.

Ecunimical movements are embraced and lauded which promote many avenues to God, when there is only one Way, and that is Jesus Christ.

Mother Teresa is elevated as the epitome of Christianity, and yet she preached a different gospel, one that damned listeners to hell by denying Christ as the only way of redemption.

Authors who promote heretical doctrines in their writings such as the Shack and Blue Like Jazz are congratulated, and their infernal writings are happily accepted by undiscerning Christians.

I weep for America, our country where sin is so easily rationalized. Where unborn children are slaughtered. Where the love of money and of self is promoted. Where homosexuality which is banned by God, is promoted through same sex marriage. I weep for America, whose churches are silent, and who seek to entertain rather than to serve.

But it is not too late, if the people of this country will repent of sin, turn unto the Lord and obey His word, perhaps he will have mercy upon us, and forgive us. If not my dear friend, we cannot avoid His judgment which is sure to fall upon us with wrath and anger immeasurable. May the Lord have mercy upon us, and call us to repentance.